Little Bird Plays offers a full range of individualized, creative, and play-based enrichment options for toddlers and preschoolers in the Charlottesville, Virginia area.  Because all children are different, learning experiences are designed around your child’s interests and needs.  All enrichment sessions are in-home, where we believe young children are most comfortable.

Does your bright toddler or preschooler need more stimulation?

•Interest-based Learning Sessions for Curious Kids. Ages 3-6.  Your child chooses the topic and structured, developmentally appropriate activities are designed around the topic!  Some past examples include weather, human body, circuits and electricity, and big machines (but we can work with any interest).  Activities may include art, science projects, cooking, sensory play, or outside exploration.   1-3 hours needed.  $30/hour.  Up to 2 children  (on a similar developmental level).  All materials provided.

Have you been told your child needs to work on certain skills prior to kindergarten?  

•Kindergarten Readiness Play Sessions. Ages 4-6.   Fun play-based experiences are designed for your child that also target needed skills such as fine motor/handwriting, pre-literacy and number sense.  Simply give us an idea of your child’s interests/needs and  we will take it from there!  $30/hour. 1-2 hours needed.  All materials provided.

Does your child struggle with anxiety or have trouble initiating with friends?

•Play Sessions Targeting Social Skills. Ages 2-6.   A fun play environment is created that encourages social skills, language, and interaction.  Optimally, your child would choose a few friends to join in ( we can also arrange a peer group or simply work individually with your child)  $30/hour. 1-3 hours needed.  Up to 4 children.  All materials provided.

Does your child have an IFSP/IEP or therapy goals to work on at home?

• Play Sessions Targeting Early Intervention/ Preschool/Therapy Goals. Ages 6 months – 6 years.  Your child’s goals and objectives are used to inspire a fun play session.  Perfect for summer or times where therapy or school is happening less frequently.  We are happy to collaborate with your child’s therapists and teachers prior to working with your child. $30/hour 1-2 hours needed.  All material provided.

Does your child have anxiety related to medical procedures? Or a chronic condition requiring frequent medicines and appointments?

•Healthcare Play Sessions Ages 2-6 years.  Our Child Life Specialist, Cindy, can design play-based experiences that are specifically related to your child’s needs.   Sessions include medical play, information and play related to upcoming procedures, and medical art.  Giving children opportunities to play or create art with medical equipment helps take the scary out of healthcare experiences. $30/hour. 1-2 hours needed.  All materials provided.

Does your child have food allergies?

•Play with Your Food Sessions Ages 2-6 years.  We can design play-based experiences that are specifically related to your child’s needs.   Play sessions to normalize food allergies and promote healthy experiences with safe foods.  Popular items include safe food sensory play, cooking activities, food art, and healthcare play related to allergen testing or immunotherapy.  $30/hour. 1-2 hours needed.  All materials provided.

Do you need parenting support and solutions?    

•Parenting Coaching and Consultation with Paige.  I am a parent too and it is a hard job!  I am happy to help you come up with solutions for a happier and more peaceful parent/child relationship.  Parenting Coaching and Consultation is $40/hour with an initial two hour session to get to know you and your child.

Want to know more or schedule a session for your child?  Call or email Paige Lindblom 434-987-0638 or